iBN Electronics, Inc. was founded in 1990 on the fundamental principal that providing excellence in customer service is, first and foremost, the critical driver of long-term supply-chain partnerships. With this philosophy, iBN has established itself within the independent distribution channel as a responsive, reliable supplier with a sound business model and highly innovative management team. With core competencies and industry alliances rivaling those of the largest global distributors, iBN is the ideal choice of independent channel distribution partners. Our global data-aggregator sourcing model and expert commodity-based buying team enable tactical lead-time reductions, end-of-life/last-time-buy sourcing and pass-thru materials price-variance programs. With the aforementioned core competencies, a lower cost-structure, and the ability to constantly outperform the competition, we are confident that you will challenge this organization with solving your most urgent active, passive and interconnect sourcing issues.

iBN Electronics, Inc. is taking the industry by surprise, one customer at a time. As a stocking distributor of board-level electronic components, we focus on critical facets of the outsourced supply-chain management process from product inception to end-of-life. By maintaining a robust, low-overhead business model iBN has retained a high profile within our OEM and EMS customers’ vendor base. Focusing on value-creation while delivering cost-effective solutions to a dynamic marketplace, we consistently leverage our global data-aggregator supply-chain to enhance the customer’s bottom-line. We believe that in order to earn and retain long-term customer loyalty, our corporate value system must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to excellence by delivering outstanding value, exemplary service and highly competitive pricing. By understanding the critical motivators behind industry leading OEMs and their EMS providers, the iBN team endeavors to add incremental value to the board-level component sourcing process by providing our business partners with real-time access to cutting-edge technology, products and services.

iBN offers a suite of cutting-edge, value-added services that have been well received by industry leading OEM’s and their EMS providers. This has propelled the company to gain a rapid, high profile status within our preferred partners’ respective value-chains winning incremental market share while impacting the rest of the independent distribution channel with a bang! With a management team and staff of well-seasoned, highly innovative professionals, iBN takes electronic component distribution to the next level. By partnering closely with industry leaders from a broad range of industry sectors, iBN is far ahead of the curve by setting new benchmarks for excellence in outsourcing partners. We have built our reputation for excellence upon consistently outperforming the competition by raising the performance bar for responsive and cost-effective materials sourcing. Responding to a key customer’s tactical business needs, iBN’s management team has formed alliances with a well established contract manufacturer and an offshore printed circuit board factory, bringing to market a range of critical products and services like no other component distributor. As a result of these relationships, we supply high-quality PCB’s and EMS services at substantial savings to the customer.