Business Model

The company is staffed with a well-seasoned team averaging 10 years of industry experience per employee. Moreover, we employ standardized inventory management principles, maintaining enough on-hand stock to service customer demand (not inclusive of consignments) with turn rate used as the primary metric for determining proper stocking levels. Furthermore, corporate infrastructure has been structured with scalability in order to manage the business efficiently while delivering high-impact solutions to the customer without passing along unnecessary cost burdens. With scalability of operations, this "low overhead/low margin" model translates into savings for the customer while still maintaining stringent quality and service levels expected from top-tiered suppliers.

Mission Statement

Our mission focuses upon fostering and maintaining 3 key relationships with: our customers, our suppliers and the internal customer: our employees. Like the sides that form a triangle, they each contribute significantly to the overall strength and success of the company.

mission triangle

Our mission to our customers is to offer a wide spectrum of high-impact, low-maintenance, solution sets in the form of top quality products and value-added services that are competitively priced. These inventory-based solution sets are designed to enhance the customer’s ability to keep production lines running, improve ROI and manage risk while re-enforcing and supporting mission-critical process improvements. By aligning our programs with the corporate directives of our major accounts customers, we ensure our position as an integral supply-chain partner by offering them cost-efficient solutions unique to the industry norm.

Our mission to our suppliers is to maintain long term, quality driven partnerships with a network of reputable suppliers in all parts of the world. By keeping the supplier mission in clear sight, it assures that we only source from the highest quality suppliers while achieving optimum price-points with competitive delivery schedules.

Our mission to our employees is to provide a mentally enriched work environment that attracts qualified individuals, offers fair compensation and promotes interdependence through teamwork. The iBN team spirit promotes career development, personal growth and educational advancement. It is our goal to retain long-term, talented associates and help them to grow with the company while also achieving their goals in life.


iBN’s core business philosophy dictates that maintaining a commitment to excellence while focusing closely upon the dynamics of the marketplace are critical success factors in sustaining long-term business growth. Understanding and reacting to the needs of our customers, suppliers and employees is of paramount importance to management and contributes significantly to the operational planning of the company.

We believe that by aligning our model to meet the needs of both our internal and external customers, the synergies created through interdependent collaboration will ensure our respected position within the distribution channel for years to come. As the industry evolves and key players overcome operational inefficiencies inherent to their respective business models, the vision of creating value for the client will become a primary driver behind strategic partnering. For this reason, we strive to reinforce our vision of ongoing value creation, while applying the expertise and experience gathered in past years to meet new and emerging challenges.

We communicate this vision at every level within the organization because we firmly believe it empowers our team to:


Pursuit of excellence is the cornerstone of iBN's business philosophy. To demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the pursuit of operational excelllecnce, our processes, facilities and technologies are undercontinuous evaluation. adhering to strict protocols established under ISO 9001:2008, the iBN Electronics Quality Control procedure is structured for careful inspection, evaluation, warehousing and fullfillment of top-quality materials based upon factory specifications.

ISO Registration

Our Quality Assurance and Supplier Development Programs are both designed to screen out problem sources while rewarding top performing suppliers. iBN’s suppliers are subject to quality and service standards that parallel the expectations of our major accounts clients: industry leading electronics manufacturers. Our supply-chain management team pre-qualifies new vendors under stringent criteria, and then measures their performance over time with standardized metrics evaluating quality, responsiveness, delivery and price. If a supplier consistently underperforms or cannot comply with our QA policy, they are designated with "Unapproved Vendor" status. Conversely, we reward our consistent, quality-driven suppliers with "Preferred Vendor" status.

With this methodology, we have built a vast, global supplier-network of highly reputable companies spanning multiple industry sectors. By setting our own quality performance bar to mirror benchmarks of excellence recognized industry wide, we have also maintained our commitment to operational excellence during periods of rapid, sustained growth.