About Our EMS Partner

Based in Southern California Our Partner is a leading electronic contract manufacturer fulfilling customers’ Go-To-Market needs. Our Partner leverages their 20 years of in-house testing expertise, and their precision manufacturing processes to assure that customers’ quality and yield targets are delivered. Our objective is to be the business partner of choice, seamlessly supporting our partners operations and providing them with absolute customer satisfaction.

Mission and Goals

Our Partner strives to ensure that our customers maintain a competitive advantage in their own marketplace. They understand that time-to-market, value costing and product quality are imperative. Our Partner is dedicated to deliver on these critical success factors. Through employee commitment and expertise, our customers' requirements and specifications are met and exceeded. From automated manufacturing process, to testing, to materials management, their skilled and versatile staff will respond to customers' needs with expediency and excellence.

Our Partner’s management is committed to attracting and retaining high-caliber employees with the best aptitudes and attitudes to serve our customers. Their culture fosters teamwork and encourages continuous learning and skill development. Internally, they aim to provide a rewarding experience, both financially and professionally, as well as pride for every employee as they consistently deliver quality work products. They obligate themselves to be responsible and operate with a minimum impact to the environment. Partners can depend on our complete solution: innovative culture, technical capabilities, total yield delivery and customer-focus, to meet their needs. As a result, their peace of mind enables them to focus on their core competencies and better utilize company resources.

Service Offerings

Our customers can depend on Our Partner for a wide range of services. The partnership ideally begins at the product design phase by addressing testability, material savings and manufacturability issues. Our Partner reinforces high standards at every stage of the manufacturing process. The final objective is to deliver the desired end products with total yield outcome to fulfill our customers time-to-market strategy.

To that end, Our Partner offers consignment and turnkey project solutions. Their extensive manufacturing experiences and consistent processes enable them to eliminate common problems, which are frequently experienced in the electronic manufacturing industry.

Solution Scope

Our Partner understands and adheres to the importance of business issues such as accurate quoting and value costing. To ensure quality, their facility is ESD proof. Their processes meet or exceed Manufacturing Standard IPC 610-C, and are presently implementing ISO 9001:2008. They seek to delight our customers and are relentlessly searching for new ideas to solve their problems. Their ultimate edge is their superb testing technical know-how, which allows them to deliver a six Sigma production yield result. This Total Yield Delivery has proven to be invaluable to their customers and is the foundation of Our Partners brand equity.


Our Partner offers a multiplicity of run sizes with extreme cost effectiveness, from prototyping, low-volume with high technical complexity, to high-volume commodity products. Their experienced procurement group understands the importance of supply chain efficiency. They are resourceful in locating the best available priced materials and meticulously handle the procured components to meet the production schedules. Their goal is to strive to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements for cost effectiveness and on time delivery.

Quality control is paramount to and is augmented by strict procedures in every department. First article is mandatory before assembly and careful inspection is required after every significant stage throughout the manufacturing process.

To further support their Total Yield Delivery mandate, they also offer the finest in full testing capabilities for three levels: MDA/ICT, Board and Functional. Their extensive testing background allows them to offer in-house programming and fixtures for any testing procedure required. They also have 2-D BGA X-ray machine to check your BGA placement problem. If you have any quality issue for your current production needs, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Equipment Highlights

Testing equipment:


As an integral technical partner with our customers, they are committed to a long-term and mutually profitable relationship. In today’s highly competitive market, Our Partner understands the importance of cost-effective and timely solutions. While they always seek the best production price for our customers, they consider cost efficiency to begin at the design phase of a product.

In general, testing is implemented in three linear phases: component, board level and functional. The common perception for testing is to verify the integrity and function of every unit, but it neglects the benefit of diagnostic data gathering. With this vital data, defective units can be restored into operational, deliverable products. Achieving this objective requires sophisticated, refined testing parameters and procedures, which become a major cost driver. Furthermore, the complexity and cost for testing and diagnostic analysis escalates exponentially at every next step. Therefore, it is prudent and advantageous to identify, minimize and resolve problems early.

Our Partner believes a disciplined manufacturing process, combined with skilled technicians, can improve and enhance the performance toward MDA/ICT component testing. However, without a proper testability design, testing and diagnostic analysis for board level and functional phases can become extremely challenging. Simplistically, Testability is to provide test point accessibility to every net within the circuit and demands diligence in component, board and system level designs. Without proper test points and built-in test programming, fault isolation will be time-consuming, and in some cases, impossible. Such outcomes adversely affect productivity, inevitably magnify production costs, and negatively impact time-to-market strategy, brand equity and profitability.

To enhance yields and re-capture these lost profits, Our Partner offers complimentary advices on testability objectives and approaches. As part of our commitment to deliver value-added services, we also offer preliminary testability design review to potential customers. We will offer possible solutions to achieve the highest product performance. Our customers have found this service to be invaluable. The following list highlights some of the critical issues to consider.

If desired, please contact us for a free evaluation.

Testing cost reduction

Technical solutions for Testability design

Contact us for any Testability Review question by email to: assembly@ibnelectronics.com